Projectile actor to detect collision with TileMap (SOLVED)

Hey guys,

I’m working on a Paper2D game and I’m facing an issue I can’t resolve and for which I’d love you get your inputs.
My character throws projectiles that is a rock. This rock is an actor that contains a sphere collision, a flipbook of a spinning rock (child of the sphere collision) and a projectile movement. What I want to do is to replace the animated flipbook of the spinning rock by a static rock as it touches the floor as I don’t want the rock to be continuously spinning on the floor.
At this time I’m just using a delay to get this done; the character throws the spinning rock that, after a second is replaced by the one frame rock flipbook. This works but if the character throws the rock while in the air or fro, the edge of a high platform the rock stop spinning before hitting the floor.
To fix this I have tried to get the rock actor to detect when it hits the floor by using the “On Component Begin Overlap” as I’m doing to get my character to collect rocks.
The level art is done using TileMaps. I have tried to set a tag to the TileMap or to get the overlap to detect if the overlapping actor/component is a TileMap but; not matter what, I’m never getting any collision detection.
Any hint ?

Thank you very much!

OK guys… forget about it. I just had to write this post to finally get it to wok myself. :frowning:
Solution was extremely easy and stupid… Just use the “On Component Hit” instead of the begin overlap with the “Component has tag”… Shame on me it was so easy…

Thanks anyway :wink: