Projectile actor attaching to CollisionCylinder instead of CharacterMesh


I am trying to attach projectile actor to a CharacterMesh, using “Attach Actor to Component” function. The behavior I expect is object getting stuck to the object in a precise spot it hit. All seems to work properly, although following warning notification appears in message log after stoping the game:

“Warning AttachTo: ‘/Game/Maps/POC/UEDPIE_0_POC_shooting_gameplay.POC_shooting_gameplay:PersistentLevel.Priest_Temp_C_0.CharacterMesh0’ already attached to ‘/Game/Maps/POC/UEDPIE_0_POC_shooting_gameplay.POC_shooting_gameplay:PersistentLevel.Priest_Temp_C_0.CollisionCylinder’, would form cycle. Aborting.”

So it looks like my projectile is colliding with the CollisionCylinder before collision event with CharacterMesh0. Oddly enough, when I break down the “Attach Actor to Component” function, it looks like first call of this function is when colliding with CharacterMesh0, not a CollisionCylinder (there’s not even such a component present in the editor). I know it would be easier with sockets, although I want to be able to get many different projectiles stuck to a single actor on different spots.

There’s my collision setup for a character I’m firing at (capsule should not collide):

And same for projectile:


That’s the relevant blueprint part setup:

Collision occurs and projectiles stop in spot where they hit, instead of following the character’s transform.

So, what is CollisionCylinder exactly and how can I avoid colliding with it?
Is there any other way around to get “projectile stuck to actor” effect?


Nevermind, I guess - using “AttachTo” instead of any other attach function is a solution in my case. However, I’m still curious why the setup above isn’t working.