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Glasswinged Ascension (working title - ProjectGreta) is 2D stealth action cyberpunk themed video game I’m currently creating.
Please, feel free to make comments with feedback and criticism - this would be very useful as the development process keeps going.

Glasswinged Ascension free demo version is available on Google Play (currently only for USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia).

Glasswinged Ascension is built around cyberpunk theme permeated with avoidance, caution, and story telling.
It is truly hardcore, and consists of missions which can be completed in different ways.
There is no straight path to the goal while means to achieve it do not have to be lethal.

I edited the original post, and updated it with newer pictures. Still hope to see some feedback :slight_smile:

Looks very cool! I like the character design but I don’t know a lot about armor/firearms. Reminds me of Perfect Dark

Very nice background perspective and female.

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As development goes on, I’ll definitely post something new regarding the game in this thread (not very often, though :slight_smile: ).

A little update. I Added new screenshot from the prototype level and some artwork to the the original post.

Next time I’ll show gameplay footage from the game, and reveal its final name :slight_smile:

Looks great!!! Can’t wait to see more!

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Like I promised - final name and demonstration video (please, see updated original post).

I posted some additional info regarding the game in OP you might find interesting.

P.S. Strange issue - I modified the thread’s name, and it has updated inside the thread itself, but on topics list it still has old name. Is there any way to fix this? I don’t think it’s a cash issue.

Looks awesome.

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I’ll update the thread as soon as I’ll be ready to show something new and interesting.

Recently I implemented new UI art style. From now the game will look more like a comic strip (only in terms of visual representation). I hope that was a right decision :slight_smile:

Really cool game idea for 2d, and I love the visuals. Cant wait to see more!

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I strongly believe the more stealth action games we’ll have - the better.

Hello again :slight_smile: I think the time has come to share some info about the game’s story, which I believe is not less important than gameplay.

Glasswinged Ascension storytelling will be linear, but interesting. I’m trying to make it look like a comic to fit the new UI style. The game will have cutscenes where characters will talk to each other, uncovering more and more details to the user as he plays through the missions. I’m planning to make a video about the dialogue system, when it will be finalized. But for now I’d like to introduce you some fictional characters and therms to avoid confusion in the future.

Greta Auer (protagonist).
Age: 28.
Function: WSaD patrol officer.
Specialities: Firearms, Skepsiathy.

Born and raised in a family with deep police service tradition, Greta decided to become police officer herself. She was weak and skinny from the childhood and never showed any exceptional results in physical training, so even her parents didn’t believe she has a chance to join the police ranks. But the doubts vanished when the girl began to show initially hidden abilities. As Greta learned in the school, she developed great intuition and diplomacy skills, and one day she showed the signs of a very rare gift that introduced itself to the humanity just recently - skepsiathy. Being not good enough in martial arts even in the last year of the Whiterift City police academy, she developed exceptional skills in handling firearms of any kind, both lethal and non-lethal types.

Jennifer Hou (NPC).
Age: 25.
Function: WSaD IT officer.
Specialities: Implant Programming, Hacking.

Jennifer’s parents died during a plane crash when she was 2 years old. Without any relatives to take care of her, she was raised in one of the Whiterift City orphanages. In young age Jennifer showed almost fanatical aptitude to working with all kinds of electronic devices. She was learning programming and microelectronics incredibly fast, sometimes even striking her mentors’ imagination. At age of 15 years Jennifer managed to upgrade her orphanage security system using previously unknown methods that was later adopted to security needs in the entire city and even became wide-spread around the world. The little girl’s skills impressed Whiterift City police chief, and so he did everything in his power to influence Jennifer and make her join the police ranks as an IT specialist.

Skepsiathy, that can be translated from Greek as “touch by thinking” is an art of observing and influencing organic objects with your thoughts rather than physically. It’s a very rare gift that introduced itself to the humanity just recently, and so focused attention of many scientists around the world as they trying to determine its origins and possibilities of developing it into something wide-spread. Known skepsiathy applications are quite impressive. For example, a person that possesses the gift can easily determine if human or animal suffers from a pain, and if so, find the exact source of the pain. The gift can be used to determine if a person is lying or not with 100% precision, or real mood even if the person tries to hide it and doing it really well. Skepsiath can determine if someone is dead or alive, intoxicated or not, or how bad are the person’s wounds without visual or physical observation. There are also known cases of using skepsiathy to put a person into sleep or even force human to lose consciousness. However, the gift has two main disadvantages which limit its application - low range, and time required to initiate observation or influence. Only less than a hundred of people around the world possess the skepsiathy gift, and all of them have congenital physical defects. Scientists believe the defects and the gift have some connections on genetic level.

Whiterift Security and Defense, also known as WSaD, is the special department in Whiterift City police compound. The department consists of several hundreds of exceptional specialists, who work on extremally important missions. As none of the regular police departments have authority to influence, command or even be informed about WSaD activities, the department’s second function is to watch over the entire police compound as an independent inspection structure.

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Like I promised, I made a demonstration video of storytelling in Glasswinged Ascension. Please note that in video below you see a sample of what the dialogue will look like. I don’t want to make spoilers, so even if these two dialogues will be used in the final game, it may happen in different place and manner.

Hello, I think it’s the right time to update game info once more :slight_smile:
Let me introduce you one more character as well as the therm that will be used in the game’s story.

Alexander Volkov (NPC).
Age: 39.
Function: WSaD intelligence officer.
Specialities: Melee, MiA.

Growing up in a city’s slums is always hard, especially if we are talking about Whiterift City. From the childhood Alexander’s life was about caution, hard work, and survival. Slums made him strong and cunning. He always wanted to become a soldier, so he joined the army ranks just as soon as he turned 16. Alexander never wanted to make a fast military career. Instead, he worked to the limit to become one of the best soldiers in the world. One day such zeal almost costed him the life. The only way to save him was MiA. Thanks to his reputation inside the army ranks and help from an unknown benefactor, Alexander was successfully operated. As the time passed by, Alexander realized that he could give much more benefit to the society helping city police rather than taking part in countless military trainings. So in age of 31 he left the army and joined Whiterift City police with best recommendations from his previous employers.

Military Augmentation, or just MiA, is very expensive complex of cybernetic and genetic improvements of a human body, designed to give a soldier super strength, fortitude, defense, and resistance to all kinds of diseases, poisons, or extreme temperatures. After the augmentation is complete its subject hardly can be called human, as the price to become a one man army is great not only in terms of resources spent on it. Subject loses most of his organs, and gains special components installed in their places. His brain is removed from the head and placed into his chest, covered by extremely durable armored capsule. All remaining organic material is synthetically and genetically reinforced, most of the skin surface is covered by additional armor layers, and head gains protection made of bulletproof glass. Respiratory system is provided by additional vent channels separated from the regular ones. Survival components restrict subject’s feed needs to just water and suger. In addition to all of this subject gains inner mechanical skeleton attached to the chest capsule and subject’s actual bones. This skeleton amplifies subject’s strength and provides additional defense. Using special survival kit, that includes helmet and backpack, augmented soldier becomes a self-sufficient unit that can operate on his own even underwater or in space for 48 hours.

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The arsenal system feature for my game is almost ready. This includes weapon linear unlocking, lethal and non-lethal hit effects, ammo gathering, reloading, effective ranges, etc. Some things, like particular enemy immunity to particular weapon, still have to be done though. For now I just want to share weapons final appearances and descriptions. Hope you will find it interesting to read :slight_smile:


This standard police non-lethal handgun earned its name thanks to the hammer shape which looks like a butterfly’s wing, and almost completely soundless shots that is achieved by utilizing silenced ammunition rather than suppressor. Bullet is a capsule that shatters upon hitting any surface without dealing any serious damage. Capsule contains active substance that starts to evaporate very quickly when contacted with air, forming a small cloud of gas without color or smell. When the gas contacts with skin, or gets inside the respiratory system, it puts victim into sleep for a couple of minutes. There are special implants that reduce sleep duration caused by the gas to several seconds. Some illegal variants of the pistol ammo also exist - they are lethal and utilize poisonous active substance instead of sedative one. Persons with gas masks and well covered skin, as well as MiA soldiers (even without survival kits) are immune to any gas the pistol can deliver.

AC9-MB RAVEN rifle.

Named after the magazine shape and color that reminds a raven wing, the assault rifle was designed for precision shots on middle and large distances even in full auto mode. It can utilize special armor-piercing ammo capable of penetrating all light and medium personal armor variants. Alternatively, it can use standard ammunition with great stopping power but useless against even light armor. The rifle is wide spread among military forces and special police units. It’s perfectly balanced and reliable, but completely useless against heavy armor like ballistic shields, blast suits, or MiA soldier skin, even when firing armor-piercing projectiles.

TD30 MOLOT shotgun.

This monstrous armament deserved it’s name (which is translated as “sledgehammer”) due to it’s combat capabilities. Shotgun fires 30mm combined slugs outfitted with armor-piercing cores and thermal charges that can easily penetrate any personal armor, blast suit, ballistic shield, and even MiA soldier armor layers or light armored vehicles. The slugs’ high mass also provides great stopping power, but limits the weapon effective range. This weapon doesn’t require much care and can operate perfectly in any aggressive environment, underwater, in space, and even after usage as an actual sledgehammer. But in addition to low effective range it has one more disadvantage - extremely strong recoil. There are numerous known cases of broken arms among unprepared shooters.

APM-4LT blast charge.

This is a hacked variant of standard military anti-personnel tripmine, and detonates in 5 seconds after activation. The original variant utilizes smart motion detector that can identify if the target in range is hostile or friendly to initiate detonation or prevent it. The mine is surprisingly light and extremely deadly. It can be attached to almost any flat surface and remain there for as long as needed. Outfitted with hardware safeguard that doesn’t allow detonation while not attached to something, the mine mostly used for urban warfare, as it requires additional components to be planted in wild areas where it’s hard to find appropriate flat surfaces. The mine also has non-lethal modification that contains sedative gas capsules instead of explosive payload.

Please allow me to introduce two new characters you’ll encounter while playing through the game :slight_smile:
Also, I have some additional info regrading the game’s world. To be more specific, info about one of the world’s factions.

Alice Salomon (NPC).
Age: 12.
Function: None.
Specialities: None.

Daughter of the famous engineer Elizabeth Salomon, the kid is known to have a talent to show up in wrong place in wrong time. She gets into all kinds of trouble created by someone else too often, and already got used to it. Alice considers herself very unlucky, prefering not to recall all trauma and wounds she managed to survive, while surgeons who operated her after the most recent accident told that her survival was a miracle. All the misfortune Alice passed through dramatically influenced her self esteem, but somehow didn’t force her to depress and give up completely. Despite her mother’s wish to see Alice following her footsteps and becoming an engineer, the girl has a dream to become a rescuer, as the idea of helping others to get out of trouble becomes stronger and stronger in her mind day by day.

Zag (NPC).
Age: Unknown.
Function: Mechanized Will member.
Specialities: Hacking.

In the world where information became a currency, hakers feel themselves like sharks in the ocean. Having all means to roam the global network unidentified and break through virtual defence lines to get what they need, hackers represent the most intense headache for corporations, police, and governments, creating much more trouble than all gangs in the slums combined. Hakers pursue different goals and have different motives, but have two things in common - consider themselves to be truly free, and have fanatical aptitude to use names and images of famous movie or videogame characters to represent themselves in the network when needed. And Zag is no different. Being a member of the most wanted hacker organization in the world, the Mechanized Will, he considers himself as the true freedom fighter and uses name and image of a modern Robin Hood analogy from one of his favorite movie series.

Mechanized Will is one of the most wanted and misterious hacker organizations in the world. From the very beginning of the group existance not even one of their members was ever identified. They position themselves as freedom fighters, and became well known for several successful cyber attacks against the most powerful transnational corporations. Like any other haker organization, Mechanized Will trades information, but this is the only group that sometimes provides critical knowledge for free and with good intentions. There are few known cases when the group helped police to save innocent lives by providing routes and locations of malefactors. What Mechanized Will does with its revenue is unknown. Members of the group itself often say that they help to make the world better, however always without any clarification of what exactly does that mean. Governments and police compounds all around the world as well as the mentioned transnational corporations, pull huge amount of resources to find and neutralize the organization, but without any success. They managed to track down some Mechanized Will members within the Whiterift City once, even gained the exact place and time of their planned meeting. But the police squads sent there were attacked by an unknown heavily augmented unit which managed to deal with all of them by non-lethal means, and vanished without any trace just afterwards.

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I’m glad to announce that Glasswinged Ascension Demo is available on Google Play (currently only for USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia).
Link is in my signature.