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Hello all,

Having an issue with the Predict Projectile Path by Channel node not returning phys mats on the hit objects. No matter what I have tried, each object just returns a “Default” phys mat. I know the actors have the appropriate phys mat assigned as my footsteps are working correctly. Is there something different with this node vs the normal line trace?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello Saturday00,

We see that this is your first time posting! :medal_sports: Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community!

I’m sorry that you are having issues with the Predict Projectile Path. Until one of the Rockstars in the community provide you with some great suggestions and possible solutions, it may help to post which version of the Unreal Engine you are currently using. Thank you for being an important part of our growing community!

Thanks for the welcome! I am using 5.0EA.

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