Project X

Let us evolve.

Project X Intro - the vision of the MadMan

-(NOW) user logs in to his profile

-(NOW)customises his vessel/character (ATM Animated Color Clouds Shaped like Souls/Humans->Later tailored according to needs of a Project)

-(NOW)enters the world build by him(I deisgn world in UE4 invite others to enter and participate in its activities), alike minecraft/low poly/cartoon (e.g: ATM To raise funds for later stages of the project, i wish 2 teach my students, Im in Ukraine, they are in China, I build teaching zone in UE4 with vocabulary( to be learned English words), seperated in areas according to topics and lesson plans (e.g Area Home + related vocabulary; Area Farm + related vocabulary) .

-(NOW)Vocabulary to be presented in
1- text
2- visual aid
3 - quest
4 - other ways to stimulate neurogenesis…

-(NOW)able to invite other users into this world (invite children to world I build for a lesson (1hr), lead them around areas i build. They can run around zone, to participate in a task or quest or activity that I will make, to enchance their learning capacity, other thea that, the Zone and objects within is the visual Aid for Learning.

-group of students will participate in activities to learn
1 - words
2 - teamwork
3 - critical thinking

-(LATER)3-5should join me (size of a chilled class more will stress the server x)

-(LATER1)as a teacher I hold power and spells to control students (Shackles, to keep em near/Silence, to make em listen etc…)

-(LATER…)PVP system is not yet necessary but project must be build in a way, that later in can be added to it, too many features and ideas planned for later stages of the project.

-(LATER1)Further stages must include quests + related elements

-(LATER2)Space to write lore -> construct flexible HUD

-(LATER2)HUD - prime element of the later parts of the project

-(LATER…)Be able to shift perspective of the control over the gameplay from 1st/3rd person view to HUD mode, where user just uses software by manipulating HUD elements + MENUS. (confusing piece, point is - Code must be flexible for further branching of ideas)

-(LATER2)LVL up system

-(LATER)Raiting System


-(LATER)other users can build their world+interract with other worlds…

Conclusion, I am amble to do design on my own, work with meshes + low res materials should not be an issue, I learned a little UE4 and Blender on my way here… PRIMITIVE example of learning area and SUMMARY of my programming skill:

So after this im not sure what exactly I need to do, to make my vision come true, I am not hoping that you will do it, rather I hope you help me to identify, what it takes to program this. I understand it will cost… Hobbies cost money anyway… xD

Only can summarize the elements that are needed:


Level UP
Library (edditable live by player alike bestiary in Witcher)
!!!LIVE VOICE Communication
Text Communication
File Transfer
Personal Characteristics

anything else?

This is a lot to take in, if any1 dares to take part in this i will reveal later stages of the project. Too fuking big for 1 person, come drown with me if you curious. I dont want the programming skript to be bound by childrens tales, later stages are seious AF, so the code must be versalite.

Any advice will value, any critics will vallue, any help will reward with money, bread or acryl painting - personaly post to you…

Users must use

Arcitek Psi