Project without name yet :D

Hey Guys,

I am Game Programmer and Designer studying at the German Games Academy in Berlin.
This semester we develop a 3rd-Person Hack’n’Slay based on a 2-4 Person Multiplayer.

Some times maybe I will stream working on it.
You are invited to watch, chat and other stuff :smiley:


very useful guys, keep it up :smiley:

I forgot to post our last semester project.
It’s a First Person Puzzle Adventure in Unreal 3

Have Fun :smiley:

I enjoy watching stream so far and also this unreal 3 is great :slight_smile:

I watched for a few minutes keep up the work. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arendt :smiley:

Hope to see you again. Hope I can keep up streaming.

Next week I will have some lessons at University, so I can’t stream at the day. But at the evening I hope to stream again :smiley:

And thanks for playing our game! :smiley:

After the multiplayer is working fine with all current features, it’s time to add some new game mechanics.
Today I think I will make some changes regarding to the enemy spawn so my game designer can work better.
I will add an actor, that can be destroyed that make the spawn stop working.

A lot more, if i have the time :wink:
Will start in a few minutes.

CU online :smiley: