Project with OBB takes several seconds to load maps (SearchForPackageOnDisk issue?)


I currently have my android project in beta stage in Google Play Store. Only recently I have started testing the production version of the game straight from the store, and found out that while single apk-based game loads levels in a matter of 300-600 ms, it takes 4-10 seconds to load level for an apk+obb version of the game. Below I have a log from a debug-version of the game with obb package inclusion:


Please notice - this is a loading of a single map with 7 actors on it and simplistic unlit materials.
I have experienced this on Lenovo tablet, Galaxy A3 phone and Galaxy S3 (if I recall correctly). The only device which does not seem to have these long loading time is One Plus One, but it has a top-spec CPU anyway.

What is the issue with long searching for the package and what should I do? I can not release the game with load times this long.

P.S: This is the same question on the answerhub:

Hi Lordink,

I posted a reply to your AnswerHub.