Project with 22 GB of content takes 2 days to package!


I’m current developping a 22 GB game in Unreal Engine 4.26.2 and it takes almost 2 days to do the packaging and I have a slightly powerful computer with an RTX 2060, an i9-9980HK and 32 GB of RAM.
I am saying this because I want to know if it is normal or if it is something that I did wrong!

Thank you for reading and I hope to receive replies!

Usually the first time is always slower, the next time will be faster even tho 2 days is indeed long.
Having more cores also doesnt mean it will get completed faster, depending on your cpu features, engine version, your project settting, sometime it will benefit and sometime not.

The solution would be to test a 2nd run, reduce num of assests, or if you using a bad drive hdd, replace it with a sdd/m.2
not sure if reducing quality will reduce package time.