Project Will not work.

Ok i have had a Blueprint Template Project i have been working on since ue4 was released. And today i clicked on “Add code to project” when i noticed i had done it i tried to stop it but it was already done. So i thought nothing of it and i closed my editor to take a break. And when i came back i found out i cannot open my project. ill post screenshot below. Can someone please help me fix this? I have searched forums and solutions but noting is working. I want it removed from my project so i can get back into it.

(i am not a programmer i barley touched it so all of this is new to me)





do you have a file called YourProjectName.sin?
Open it and recompile your project.

Where would that file be located?

In your Projects folder. e.g: Documents\Unreal Projects\YourProjectName\YourProjectName.sin

Its the Visual Studio project file, open it in VS and recompile your project.

Ok i did that and i got these errors.


Edit: I just had a idea would anything be harmed if i start a new project and just transfer the content?

Are you using the Express version of Visual Studio?
I whould not think so, but you are better off solving it.

Windows.h is for the Windows API i never seen that included.

Did you do that, if you are running express i think you need to use a difrent header then Windows.h
(Not Sure on that.)

Im using Visual studios 2013 Ultimate.

So way is Windows.h included?
Try Doing a Clean, and Rebuild.

I did a clean and it says.