Project Warfall MMO (Hiring!)

Project Title:
Project Warfall (title pending)

A Massively Multiplayer Sandbox MMORPG with a focus on full-loot PvP.

Planned Features:

  • 1000 sq km Map
  • Support for 15,000 concurrent players minimum
  • Clan System
  • Clan Conquest System
  • Support for large-scale territorial conflict between player clans
  • Fully seamless world with no loading zones
  • Classless Skill system (skills are improved (raised in power) through actual usage in game.)
  • Intelligent Dynamic Roaming AI
  • Instanced Dungeons for group content
  • 4-6 Playable Races
  • Player character alignment system that ranges from good to evil and in between based upon the actions of players.
  • SpatialOS Support (this one is a maybe this early in development)
  • Naval Combat and player controlled ships (similar to Archeage) but with a focus on PvP and end-game PvE encounters (The Krakken!)
  • Large Scale Raids (number of players to face the encounter has not been determined.)

Team Name:

Zenith Studios

Team Structure**:**

Donald Terrance - Executive Producer

Behind the Project:

I have been playing MMO’s for decades now. I played everything from WoW to SWG to Darkfall to Ultima Online and most modern MMO’s also like ESO, TERA, SWTOR, etc. I’ve been a entrepreneur as my profession and I thought after years of doing that it’s time to do something that I love and have a passion for: making games.

Lead Designer (1):

  • Leading the design of products, concepts, graphical user interfaces, graphic designs and interaction patterns
  • Ability to coordinate a team
  • Comfortable iterating on ideas using rapid prototyping techniques
  • 4+ years of Experience designing games

Designer (3):

  • Expertise using Unreal Engine 4 to include level layouts and Blueprint scripting
  • Play a key role in the visual design and user flow of new products and features
  • Working closely with development teams to deliver and deploy final products/services

Technical Director (1):

  • Coding things from scratch as needed, rather than relying exclusively on high-level technology stacks
  • 5+ years coding in C++ Required
  • Knowledge of the Unreal 4 pipelines and framework
  • Previous experience with pipeline tools on an engine, core, or platform
  • Deep experience with low level optimizations and tool chains for at least one platform
  • Fundamental understanding of all aspects of game engine development: 3D, sound, physics, AI, networking, multi- threading, UI and tools, with a passion for learning
  • At least one, two preferred, shipped games

Software Engineer (4):

  • Solid understanding of asynchronous programming techniques and pitfalls
  • Familiarity with a host of game engineering technologies including (but not all): Rendering, physics, memory management, AI, gameplay systems, game audio systems, optimization techniques, tools development, debugging techniques, localization, user-interface, animation systems, multithreading development and debugging, databases, client-server systems, networking, as well as 3rd party tools and technologies.
  • Ability to analyze game designer requests and iterate with designers to deliver implementations that are fun and engaging while still being robust and performant.
  • Be able to analyze and optimize tools, pipelines, and processes

Lead Gameplay Programmer (1):

  • Work side by side with designers, artists, and engineers, to design, implement, and iterate game systems (e.g. combat, AI, quests, items, etc.)
  • Work with server and client side implementations.
  • Hands on experience implementing game systems for server based multiplayer games
  • Experience working with large code bases
  • Experience building data driven game systems
  • Experience with networked game logic

Gameplay Programmer (4):

  • Proficiency with C++ and experience in object-oriented design and implementation
  • Experience architecting and/or implementing A.I., character control, path finding, multiplayer, or other gameplay-related systems
  • Experience with scripting languages (Perl, Python, Lua, Ruby) and managed languages (C#, Java) and/or assembler (Optional)
  • Unreal Engine 4 Experience (2+ Years minimum)

Art Director (1):

  • A strong eye for artistic quality with an ability to critically but respectfully dissect work and suggest ways to improve it
  • Knowledge of game engine technology and art-related middleware solutions
  • 5+ years overall experience and 3+ years running an art team that has shipped multiple titles
  • High level of proficiency with any of the following game development tools including: 3ds Max, or Maya (preferred)
  • Ability to manage large art pipelines

Concept Artist (2):

  • Work with design and art development teams on the visual development of gameplay, characters and creatures.
  • Work with environment art development teams to support props, environment and game atmosphere.
  • Create and maintain a cohesive look and feel for the game through development of the visual language, the creation of visual style guides, and supporting visual development
  • Collaborate with the design team to build a visual narrative

Character Artist (3):

  • Create high resolution photo realistic 3D sculpts of organic/hard surface characters/creatures/weapons/props.
  • Ensure consistency and quality of own work.
  • Collaborate with concept artists and art direction to create high quality characters and creatures
  • Re-purposing and modifying existing art assets to create compelling and engaging content.

Senior Environment Artist (1):

  • Work with the Project Art Director and concept team to define the map vision
  • Collaborate daily with Design to ensure that Art reinforces gameplay
  • Prioritize, delegate and direct a team of 3-5 artists in the creation and implementation of environment art assets
  • Author and direct the creation “gold standard” environment assets including materials, props, architecture, flora, terrain, and light schemes
  • Expert at improvising visual direction when lacking a specific concept or design

Environment Artist (4):

  • Experience with creating game ready assets, taking them through modeling, texturing, baking pipeline, and rendering to engine.
  • Proficiency in Maya and/or 3ds Max.
  • Able to work from photo reference or concept art when available, as well as, ability to interpret design intention, pushing it further as needed.
  • Texture using both procedurally and hand painted techniques using a PBR workflow

All positions shown here are paid. Every position includes a monthly salary determined at the time of employment. They are all full-time positions.

Hi Zenith Studios. I have sent you a Private Message here on the Unreal Forums. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Not complaining but this post looks eerily similar to another post outbreak-online-looking-for-talent. Everything from format to no. and type of positions offered is the same.

In the outbreak post they never replied to anyone nor they updated any status of the positions , and now suddenly this post with a new id with post count of 1 and clone of the last post ?

Is this a social experiment? or just a huge troll? Given the unbelievable requirements for the game , no proper contact info or website for the company or owner and lack of replies I’m not sure if this is genuine.

Moderator intervention is required?

Seems extremely fishy and very likely a troll post. Posted a warning in the other thread too. Good find!

I don’t even know why people answer to this kind of post.
Most of the “planned features” are just ridiculous even for the biggest studios and someone with one post and absolutly no experience in game developement pretends to hire people on UE4 forums?
It’s obviously fake.

“Support for 15,000 concurrent players minimum” … ROFL

This is a very bad Idea.

Invest your $$ elsewhere, or try a smaller project. There are way too many MMORPGs out there already, and they are incredibly risky to produce. Sure, there are a few success stories where the devs banked big time, but for every success story there are dozens of commercial failures that either got cancelled or closed shortly after launch due to lack of players.

Getting 15,000 players to play your game is a challenge by itself, and the technical know-how required to pull this off right is rare and expensive. I don’t think you’ll find that talent here.

As others above have posted - this looks like a Scam. No offence, but the evidence suggests that.