Project Waking World

Hi, I’m currently working on my first game. I never worked on something like that so it’s taking me quite a long time and I learn as I progress with it. It’s going to be a short exploration game with some puzzles, bits of psychological horror and few other gameplay mechanics. Here’s a very basic story:

You play as a guy who seeks revenge on people whose actions caused the death of his only family - his wife. She was pregnant lying in a hospital and at this moment our main character was locked away in an asylum. He suffers from few mental conditions so some things aren’t really as he sees them. He makes decisions based on his own reality and because of one such decision he got locked away. Haunted by guilt he tracks one of the women responsible for what happened with his loved one. That’s where you start, right in front of her mansion. Now you better decide what to do, she probably already called the cops.

I don’t want to spoil too much because the story is one of the main elements of this game. Player will have to decide when clues containing knowledge about the past are actually true and when it’s just our main characters imagination. Based on that he will have to decide to either finish what he started or to let go.
I just finished the first level - basement. It still needs a bit of detail and some things are not how they will be in the final version.
Here is how it looks with lights on:

And here is some detail without the lights. I tried to make it not too dark so people woudn’t get frustrated trying to navigate in pitch black environment and also added few candles to light up points of interest:
I also made some simple menus:
They all work as they should and the settings are also saved so you don’t have to adjust them everytime you launch the game. When I finish the next environment I’ll probably release a short teaser and a playable preview so people can see how it all works together and give me some feedback if something’s broken. It’s going to be completely free even when it’s released since it’s more like a personal project.

Feel free to post your opinions and ask me questions if you’re interested and there’s something on your mind :slight_smile: