Project "Unknown"

Project Title:

Project Description:
Game has three classes, mage, warrior and archer. All mechanics of attacks/spells are based on skilled true combat. Not just aim and shoot, but full sword controlling like in reality. All game structure based on reality, but in proper frames as it is game and can be expensive for hardware.
Game orientation is to make skilled PVP with unique mechanics and fast reaction.
• Sand box open world
• Fortress building
• Sieges - not registered/unofficial
• Aggressive/passive world animals
• PVP - Arena/Tournaments/eSport
• Solo/Team game play (orientated fun/exciting solo playing)
• Friendly fire ON

Team Structure:
Zilvinas Vaitkevicius (Project Creator)

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist

• Experience with Blender required.
• Ability to export “Blender” to “UDK”
• Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
• Experience to create, rig, animate players.

UE4 / Blueprinting / Scripting
• Experience with animation blend space/locomotion.
• Experience with animation blueprinting.
• Experience with materials.
• Experience with particle system.

C++ Programmer
• Experience with collision system per bone/box.
• Experience with UE4 toolset/blueprint’s a bonus.

Texture Artist
• Experience with 3D texturing.
• Experience creating textures with normal/height/weight maps. (Using 3d for baking maps)

Forum message.

Game play / Mechanics
In this video you can see what kinda fight, but the thing is that this is made animation and if it would be pvp it wouldn’t be like you can fully control your sword like in real life. So what i want to tell that i got mechanics how to make it possible with a good flow.

Same and with mage/archer just in a different play stile.

It’s not just “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” it’s with more in depth mechanics. Hope you will get interested ^^