Project-Therrania - Action RPG

Hi All

just want to share a project with the community that I’m working on. Due to lack of artistic skills (and inability to find artists) I’m focusing only on the game logic and mechanics, so it’s maybe not a beauty for the eye but I’m trying to make it functional.

The game that I’m building is an action RPG, inspired by games like Diablo, Nox, Torchlight, World of Warcraft, and so on. A link to the GitHub project can be found below, I will upload new stuff and add comments and wiki entries when I have time. If you have any quests, feel free to ask.

Most of the stuff listet below is only implemented partially or works for a specific situation, this will be fixed as I move forward with the project. Everything is done in blueprint (for now) and models and animations are from Mixamo.

So far I have implemented:

  • Inventory System

     -  Picking up items from ground
     -  Drag and drop items from one inventory slot to another
     -  Drag and drop weapons from inventory to character sheet (effectively equipping item)
     -  Use consumable items in inventory
  • Using weapons

     -  One-hand melee weapons
     -  Bow
  • Character Stats system

     -  Collecting experience points  
     -  Leveling up
     -  Attributes (strength, spirit, agility and so on)
     -  Status bar (health, mana, exp and level)      
  • Quest System

     -  Pickup quest
     -  Track quest
     -  Turn in quest
     -  Abbanden quest 
     -  Track quests globally (track which has been done)
     -  Load quests from Data Table
  • Basic Enemy AI

     -  Roaming
     -  Chasing 
     -  Attacking

Currently Working on:

     -  Implement dialog system that will be loaded from Data Tables
     -  Simple NPC character that will combine dialog and quests

Here is a short youtube link showing the functionality:

Here is the link to the project on GitHub:


I like it, seems very nice to get started.

Thanks unit23 :slight_smile:

Are you still working on this project?

Hi Ardyfact,

yes, I’m still working but at the moment focusing on another project. This one was not abandoned yet :slight_smile: