Project: "Test of Time"! Recruiting for Total Conversion mod!

Test of Time is not much more than a bundle of ideas at the moment, but if it can get support, this aims to be a “Total” conversion in every sense of the word. All crafting recipes will be reworked, several new crafting methods will be introduced, and specialization in stat raising will be more important than ever! The hope is to keep the overhaul compatible with ARK’s existing map pool, but in the long run, a custom map will also be created to better implement the new resources added by the mod. As it is being developed, it will be completely playable on its own Patreon-supported server, and the hope is to keep it in full-time development, seeing daily updates.

A list of some of the items that are planned for the earlier phase of this mod’s development are:

  • Intermediary technology (Example: Blunderbuss before Sawed-Off Shotgun, and Flintlock Rifle before Longneck, as well as several middle stages even between those)
  • Custom Ammunitions (Similar to the Custom Consumables system, players will be able to manufacture custom ammunition with varrying effects while also benefitting in a new way from their “Crafting Speed” stat)
  • Reworked Construction (structures will be made of refined components rather than just gobtons of raw resources, Example: Stone walls would be made of 16 Cut Stone and 2 Stone Mortar, both of which would ahve to be crafted at specific stations/tools.)
  • Economy Network (Players would be able to store items including custom recipes in special chests where players could perform trades safely without having to rely on an honor system to function.)
  • Crafting Mastery System (As players experiment with various types of items, they will gradually gain the ability to craft superior quality items of that sort. A dedicated gunsmith would eventually learn how to make higher grade versions of their guns, and be able to upgrade existing guns using special components unlocked by their mastery level. For example, someone who has crafted several flintlock pistols would eventually learn how to manufacture a more resilient barrel, increasing the durability of the item, and so on)
  • Partial Resource Overhaul (Metal rocks will no longer produce generic metal, but rather will provide a variety of metals from copper to iron, each with their own unique purpose, often in the same recipes)
  • Custom Map + TOTAL Resource Overhaul (An expansion to the mod will come with a total rework of the resources available in specific regions such as different kinds of wood from different kinds of trees, different mutations of specific berries depending on climate and region, and many more subsets of existing items to reflect the different materials used)

RECRUITING!: I need several specific skills to achieve this lofty goal, many of which I have no hope of personally obtaining. If anybody has some expertise to lend to the project, please post here, and I’ll get in touch! I’m personally capable of doing anything that can be done exclusively within the ARK Dev Kit, though only with extensive study. Some things, however, are beyond me, and even just assistance in the research for this would be much appreciated!

Mainly, I need someone who is skilled with modelling/texturing/animating, but also need someone who can do true coding for some of the changes that will be made.

I’ve been working to try to put together a team for a similar project.
Almost all of the things on your to do list matches up with our to do list [2-7].
The big difference is that I was aiming for a more primitive feel, where the game would lack guns but instead have a variety of different “primitive” weapons of varying grades.
Rather than just leaving out the guns I was thinking of replacing them with spells.

My vision is to build an open world MMO on top of the ark platform.
I have two people who are working on map modding at the moment.

I’m working on Logistics and server management.
I have a Virtual server manager with 24 cores and 128GB of ram, and 250 GB of Raided SSD for ark host servers.
I want to develop a web presence to draw a community of players together on a Vanilla server and use the player base for Beta testing the Total conversion Mods.
The Vanilla server is almost ready for launch now, I just need to get our new Firewall rules configured properly.

I’m hoping to get most of the coding done with stand in models since I know someone who is a rather talented modeler, rigger and texture artist but he is currently busy with another project and he will most likely want to see progress before working on the project.

I actually saw your project. Looks like it’ll be interesting. However, why did you post everything from your thread here?

In hind sight that was foolish. I just saw your project and figured that we would be overlapping for the most part.
I didn’t want to post a link to my previous thread because I didn’t want to drive anyone interested in your project away.
However, I did want to post enough to see if I could peek your interest and possibly convince you to work along side us.

Ah! I see. That explains it. Well honestly, I’m not super into magic and stuff. My mod is intended to add a primitive RP experience, but not really a fantasy one. I’ll keep an eye on your mod, though. While I’m not interested in developing fantasy stuff, it sure is fun to play!

Hey AZUREstrand are you still looking for someone?, I’ve been working on my own intermediary stuff at the moment, wondered if your going to the same direction as me as I can do bits but not so much skilled with the ark dev kit. I’ve only started it alittle while ago and playing with some things, take a look at what I’ve done so far


I have my own server that I do bits too and have them all functioning in there.