Project Terraforming

First multiplayer game on a fully playable real size earth
Explore freely a procedurally generated earth based on real GIS
No loading time
Explore cities, countries, continents
Create new cities
Make alliances
Defeat enemies
Find resources
Rebuild the earth
Unreal Engine 4

Kudos… That’s quite an amazing spec / achievement dude. :cool:
That said… ^ That ^ video doesn’t quite match the hype tbh…

There’s nothing else on your Youtube channel right now tho?

More on Facebook? IDK as I’ve got it blocked at router level.
With the worldwide boycotting it isn’t a great choice anyway. ;)​​

Thank you!

Further details will be available :slight_smile:

The game looks awesome man, love the starting scene. Gives me a No Mans Sky vibe with the ship and how big of a scale. However, if you are looking for constructive criticism, i think the ship needs some work. It just looks like its floating and you are moving the camera around. I would add like wind trails behind the wings or add a bit more motion to the camera to give it a better feel of flying than how you got it setup. But just my opinion! Other than that it looks great!

Thank you Athradian for your feedbacks.
You are right.

Currently we are focusing in the full planet and the gameplay technology.
Eventually, we will address the assets quality.