Project: TarkSouls Public Combat Test!

Public Test build v0.1!!!

Probably a lot of bugs and issues but there is only one way to find out!

Multiplayer runs off Steam so you must have Steam launched in order to play with other people.
Multiplayer is also Peer-to-Peer so you may not be able to find a match with reasonable ping and I apologize.

If you do encounter bugs please post them in bug-reports in our Discord Server if you can!

–This test is exclusively to test the PvP environment and no other features are currently available.–

Video Preview!


New Update live from the same download link.

Full Patch notes can be found on our Discord

We are on steam now!
We have a limited number of test keys to give away so if you are interested head to our Discord and apply!

Some new screenshots of our 3 currently available arenas!


New Gameplay Trailer!


We are on Steam!
Make sure to Wishlist!

New update live on Steam!!

First iteration of the new inventory system that comes with new items such as Rings and Armor to try out.

You can now equip your character and design a build in the menu before queuing up for battle.

Little Ai Test for what I am currently working on!

Out now in Early Access!!

Souls Royal!

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