Project Tango status? (and some VR question)

I will try to convince my college to buy us one of those lovely Google Project Tango devices :), but however I would really like to know before if there has been any progress with getting project tango implemented into the engine?
Is it done?.. if not, whats “left”/is done? Could we use it for positional tracking?

And if any VR-fanatics like myself ends up reading this thread… has any of you had any success getting any of the project tango devices to work with any VR-headset(s)? and if yes, which headsets?

Thanks in advance!

There’s nothing integrated with that, if they’re working on it then they probably had some behind the scenes talk with Google about it since there’s more important things for them to work on.

It’s not integrated with VR at all, since Android doesn’t support VR yet, the closest thing is the Galaxy Note 4 using the Galaxy Gear VR headset.