Project takes way too long to build?

Hi All,

I know similar questions have been asked before but they didn’t look like they had a clear answer. Anyway, i just started with a source build of UE5 and it took be around 12 hours to build it. I thought it was fine since I left it on over the night. Today i started setting up a dedicated server and i am 40 minutes in with the following:

1>[237/906] Compile Module.MovieSceneTracks.1_of_3.cpp
1>[238/906] Compile Module.Navmesh.2_of_3.cpp
1>[239/906] Compile Module.MovieSceneTracks.3_of_3.cpp
1>[240/906] Compile Module.Navmesh.3_of_3.cpp
1>[241/906] Compile Module.Renderer.16_of_22.cpp

So that means it will take me around 3 more hours just for that and its a completely empty third person template. Then i also have to build the client an d this is all simply to test it out. Is it really supposed to take this long?

Its a laptop with these specs specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3,2GHZ
16GB Ram
GeForce RTX 3060

Also during the build Visual studio is only using about 20-40% on the CPU witch seems low.

Im not super experienced with Visual Studio and this side of things so maybe i just need to learn how to be patient. But appreciate any help!


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There are a few things here:

  1. 16 GB RAM seems quite low for a full engine build.
  2. What is your hard disk? Is it a fast M.2 NVME drive? If not, builds will be a lot slower.
  3. Why does the engine need to re-build? If it’s a new project, it may be that the paths are not set to pick up your previous build, and it re-builds everything once, and once that’s done, it will just incrementally re-build.
  4. Visual Studio should by default do parallel builds now, but it’s been known to previously require some slight changes to the project files to actually use that, and/or change settings to increase the maximum number of allowed parallel builds.

My guess is you’re running out of RAM, which makes everything slow. If that’s not the problem, my second guess is your disk is slow (maybe even a spinny disk, rather than NVME) and making everything slow. Both of those would make the CPU have to wait on disk all the time, and not being able to work 100%.