Project T.

Project Title:
Project T.

Project T. is a psychological survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill 1 where the player explores a tiered sandbox with no crucial knowledge of the world or a few important game-play mechanics. Their goal is to figure how to figure things out and fulfill the character’s goal while surviving various dangers.


  • Unique game-play features
  • Puzzle-oriented game-play
  • Arabic world setting
  • Not one single jump-scare :slight_smile:

Team name:
Team T.

Team Structure:

  • Ibrahim (UE4 Programmer)

Talent Needed:

  • 3D Artist

Expected to create world props

  • 3D Character Artist

Expected to work cooperatively with the concept artist on 31 3d characters (10 human, 21 monsters).

  • 3D Animator

Expected to animate various and unique characters creatively.

Concept artist/Texturing

  • Expected to create concept art for the sandbox levels and characters as well as assist with the texturing of the props and the 3D characters.

Things to keep in mind:

I am actively looking for publishers, once a deal is established this will become a paid project.
The prototype and the pitch deck are not final. They will be updated considerably by August 2020.
I know I am asking for a lot of your time and effort but if you give me a chance to tell you more about Project T. I would be happy to just know your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

E-mail: (Write “T.(Talent Title)” in the subject)
Discord: Project T.
Skype: abrahamxy

Pitch Deck: