Project: SWORD | Top Down Dungeon Crawler

Hello fellow Unreal developers! I have been working on a game for the past week that is under the working title of Project: SWORD. It’s a top down dungeon crawler for mobile using a one touch interface inspired by the DS Zelda games. Your goal is to explore dungeons and collect loot and raise your adventurer level to unlock new maps (which you navigate with the touch screen), and in turn find new dungeons!

Here is the main character, texture still WIP

The gameplay uses a simple touch screen controls: tap to interact, swipe to attack, and hold down to move. You can see an example of these in the latest WIP video:

That is all for now! I would appreciate critique or other comments :smiley:

enemies :slight_smile:

I love your character, reminds me of bomber man for some reason.

Ask, and ye shall receive!

jelconcept.png JelIdle.gif JelJump.gif

This little guy is called a Jel. They slowly move around, and will try to jump and splat sticky goo on you.

Here is a shot of them in engine:


There is also a practice dummy, which exists to help the player practice the touch controls:

(also, check out the updated texture on the main character!)

I am currently working on AI for the Jels, I’ll post a video showing the updated combat system tomorrow at the latest!

Ciao for now!

Here is the AI system, as promised!

On top of swiping for sword swings, you can also simply tap enemies to attack as well. If you are a distance away, the main character will perform a jump attack to close the distance.

Drawing and putting away the sword is now automatic, as we need the ‘tap player’ function for the inventory system.

Enemy design by Corwyn Prichard!

Made in Unreal 4 Bluepeints and Blender 3d!

Did u make the characters using blender?

Yes! Pretty much every asset will be made in blender, as I can’t afford a license for Maya or 3DS Max.

Oh ok then

New update! The first thing I did was redesign the Jel enemies to make them a bit more unique (and hopefully more cute!)


I also did a bunch of tweaks and debugs to smooth out the gameplay, as well as animating the pickup rock events, as shown below!

That’s it for now! I think next I will work on switches and trigger-able events like doors and drawbridges (and getting the darn navmesh to update properly when this all happens, too -,-)

Here’s another update, and it’s a big one!

Over the past few days I got a bundle of systems up and running. The first one is a switch blueprint. You tap the switch, and the character will run to the proper position and play one of two animations. You can then cast the switch bool onto the level blueprint and do whatever you want!

The second feature is hit reactions. The blueprints can tell which direction you are facing in relation to the attacker who hit you, and play the proper animation accordingly.


The last thing is a proper health system for the main character. The idea is that you get 3 chunks, and only auto heal to the nearest chunk. To heal past those chunks, you must use a potion. The healing part isn’t in yet, I will get to that ASAP.

Check everything out in the latest video!

On top of all that, there are a few tweaks I put in here and there to polish it all up a bit, some more audio work, and an update to the main character’s texture.

That’s all for now, enjoy!

New update! And it is another big one!

arrow fly.png

Bow and arrows! This new item swaps out the sword and changes the mechanics a bit. Instead of press and hold to move, you press and drag to apply tension to the bow. The more you drag, the more tension you add. Release to fire the arrow! You can also quick press to have the character move around, so don’t worry if enemies get too close! Check it out in action below!

Right now, you just tap and hold on the character to toggle sword and bow, but later I will have a proper inventory system.

That’s all for now! See ya later!

P.S. sorry for the lack of textures, the starter content pack was accounting for over half of the space of the entire project!

really love this project and the game style.
please keep up the work and let us play sometimes:-)

Purchased some assets from the store to just get a pretty level up and running. I know the art style is wrong but the price was right!

Next thing I will work on is a proper inventory system!

Looking great Steven.

I have a question regarding that switch though in your latest video.

What do you use to make your character move to that position? I am using Simple Move to Location and turn my character around when he wants to do something specially in one spot and turn him around accordingly. Though I would like to know whats the best idea, and it seems yours work.

Reason I ask is, Move to Location stops the movement if the character capsule touches the spot its aiming to g, instead of stopping right on top of it. I was wondering about your solution.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Hey there, glad you like it!

For my switches, I did actually use a Simple Move to Location, as shown in the below screenshots



As you can see, there are two move to locations in the player controller, which is hooked up to a branch that checks if an enemy (or important object) is clicked or not. If false, just move to where the mouse clicked, but if TRUE, then grab a vector (clickedenemyloccast) that is casted and set in the enemy/object blueprint.

For the switch, to make everything line up, the location cast vector is over a small volume. When the character enters the volume, I simply teleport the character and set the rotation to the exact spot so the animation lines up, which is where those two vector lines going off screen (on the second pic with the red arrows) are plugged into.

I hope that all helps!

p.s. Love your fighting game template, been following it for awhile now!~

Thats nice! I think you got it close to what I am working too! What I did to get the character to exact position was, setting the movement component’s capsule’s radius to 1, so it would always land at the location exactly, not needing to teleport him and such. Though it was a bit hacky. Yours looked good enough so yeah, setting controller location should be good enough aswell!

And thanks for your kind works! So many table flipping moments with me and anim montages happening. It’s like I got a very hard to please girlfriend. <.< But when I finally get things working, it’s priceless. :slight_smile:

Yeah, since I am working on a mobile game with a small character on a small screen, I can get away with a lot of stuff >.>