Project suddenly started crashing on startup (Log Files Included)

Ive been working on a personal project for about 2 months, everything was fine and now it suddenly started crashing on startup with this window showing up after the crash

The last action i did before this crash started happening was going to another project (which works fine) and migrating an fbx file and 2 materials into this project (right clicking on the mesh file> asset actions > migrate) . after that my current project just doenst open, and crashes 100% of the time.

Here are some log files:

[link text][2]

[link text][3]

Will really be grateful if someone could help out resolve this.

Some more info:

1.i removed the fbx file and 2 materials from the project folder hoping that it might be the cause, however the project still crashes

2.i removed the map that starts up when i open the project and the project started up fine, however whenever i open any blueprint it crashes the same way instantly.

3.i replaced a few blueprints from the backup folder into the project and those blueprints also open up fine, one way out is replace all my blueprints from the backup folder, however i dont want to do that as i fear the thing that caused the issue might remain unresolved and the same problem might occur again.

Feel free to ask me any information regarding the incident, ill be happy to give more info

Thanks for your time!

Hey there,

I can’t tell why this is really crashing all of a sudden, but i can tell you i had a weird crash issue a while back.

I started using a lot of structs and DataTables and then ■■■■ hit the fan and my project crashed on startup.

My solution was simple: upgraded to 4.15.
So try saving a raw copy of your current project, download 4.15 and convert your project to it.

If it worked: yay

If it didnt, simply go back to your copy.

For me it solved all the crashes :slight_smile:

appearntly 4.14 wasn’t as stable as i thought.

Hope this helps

I recommend putting your level map back where it was, then opening the DefaultEngine.ini file with a text editor and setting the default map to “none.” This should result in your being able to open your project and hopefully your blueprints will function. If not, as previously suggested, trying opening a copy in UE4.15. (*Be sure not to over-write your original. Also make a back up of your Project Folder on an external drive or separate directory.)

After making a back-up, if you still cannot open your main level, see if you have a previous version in the Saved folder of your Project Directory and try opening it. If not, delete your Saved, Intermediate, and Config folders and try opening your original project file.