Project submittion turnaround time

I logged onto unreal website after discussions with a senior games developer from epic games and submitted 11 of my game ideas which I came up with last year for game creation on the forum, I am waiting for the email acceptance responce from unreal engine website. Does someone have to go through and read them and say “yes we can make this and or these a game” and or must I just start creating them myself using the open source software, I dont want to do double work or just have my ideas appear on the game stores, said something about 5%, is that 5% mine or unreals? then also the 95% is that mine or unreals?. I don’t want to do any work to be honest but I have to create the server boxes for each game and then I need to get some content creators to draw up some content and then there needs to be some wire frameworks of the game style to get a sense of how the gameplay is going to work and then we should see if the games are fun to play and then just the quality of the graphics renderings. I still have the ideas my side I am wondering what to do with them now. I am excited to start and then also I just have a query regaring the grant scheme. Is it just for equipment that i would use to build my games or work on games that other companies hire me to work for. so if I have a 2000 usd laptop could I push through a 4000 usd upgrade and sell the 2000 usd one or give it away. then also im scared to get any technology like those imacs or the surface pro. but I already have screens. But the iphone i am using and the ipad needs to be upgraded if I am going to be doing any testing but I see the grant allowance goes up to 500 000 usd. Its not really enough for the house I want to buy which is 2 500 000 usd but I don’t need a house to build 11 games however the sales from them would probably cover a few houses worth of liquidity. Would I need a large server room and where would I host them and typically how many users is nice to have playing the games and in which regions?

You must create them yourself. No one is going to develop your 11+ ideas unless you pay them well. Ideas are worthless in general. Get one impressive game going first and take it from there.