Project Stray - Blueprint based first person shooter

For awhile I have been working on a first person shooter template. I learned a heck of a lot from that project. I also learned a lot about what not to do too. So I am going to start over and this time create a new project from scratch that is based on everything I have learned so far.

My goal here is to make a quake style FPS that has the kind of gear and item progression of games like Diablo3, The Division, Warframe, Borderlands. So imagine a game just like that but its a Quake/Doom style game. Monster closets, keys to open doors, secrets. I am also going to develop this project to be as minimal as possible in terms of graphics. Icons will be predominantly used as visual markers.

I will be documenting progress on this project as I go and sharing the blueprints for free as I have been doing with the quake template. Wish me luck as this will likely be my 4rth blueprint project. The first 3 died due to file corruption or lack of understanding of the tech.

First bit of progress is here: Redoing the Movement functionality.