Project Stray, A unique Arena FPS, very early

This is a very early look at what can end up being a really interesting new Arena FPS made entirely with Blueprints. Multiple modes of play planned and many unique takes on the genre.


You can also view the Trello board to see active updates.

All Feedback welcome!

Looks cool man! how do you get those footprint sounds going on? You already got a lot going on in the game for only 2 weeks.

I play a sound Cues in the view model walk cycle.

Liking the progress so far. The single player idea seems right up my alley - love roguelikes and such. Would love to see that done.

The intention is for it to flow like the old school single player levels of Doom and Quake where you have monsters and puzzles and your goal is to reach the exit. SO in some ways it will play like a roguelike in that you have one chance to beat the level. It will feel different in that you build up points by playing and beating the levels over and over again which give you access to harder difficulties and harder levels. So the progress will have a much higher degree of risk vs reward and you will always be on edge when it comes to taking damage because your rewards at the end of the map are reflected in your performance and map completion.

The single player will come after I make the multiplayer duel mode as the monster AI and models will take a lot of effort.

Second video to show progress.

Next video of progress

Moar video

Looks cool, good job!
P.s I’m pretty sure the way you use the UE logo is breaking Epic’s UE Style Guide on how you’re allowed to graphically use it.

Not sure how hard they’re on this kind of stuff, but I thought I should give you a heads up.

There’s some really good potential for interesting game-play here. I really like that you can only have a weapon for 30 seconds at at time. You can do some very neat design choices to bring out the action and providing a good challenge to the player.

I like where you are heading with this :smiley:

Another update, been getting one every week now.