Project stats like "Number of BP nodes used", "Number of BP Functions", "Number of variables"

If would really like to have some way to know about these stats. Same like in a code project you can count the lines of code to give an approximate of the complexity, I would like to be able to compare the complexity of BP-only projects. Some nice stats would be:

  • Number of BP nodes used
  • Number of BP Functions
  • Number of variables
  • Number of Events
  • Number of local variables

And on top of that, maybe some nice complexity score calculated out of all these numbers would be quite funny, so that I would just need to tell anyone a number and he would know “thats a small project” or “thats a huge project”.

What do you think? Do you have other values you would like to know about? Feel free to comment and I will add your ideas to the list :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s a nice project if some Epic dev does not know what he should do on an Epic Friday :cool: