Project Startup Error:

Hello, I’m getting the errors listed here.

I’m trying to open a project that was shared on the internet. I’ve contacted the original project creator (CryZENx), but have yet to hear back from him.
The project can be downloaded from here. YouTube link of demo here.

I know that there may be potential issues in using this project, so I’m just wanting to use this project as a starting/learning point. I’m a complete newbie to using the Unreal Engine, so I wanted to analyze an existing project in order to better understand how to make my own Kart game.

Ultimately I just have to ask is this an engine issue, or a project one? If it’s a project one, could I get pointed in the right direction of how to make a Kart-like game (similar to that of Mario Kart)? Github link perhaps?

bump… I could really use the help…

As you try to use a project of another, it’s difficult to say where to problem lies. I would need to download the project and debug the problem.

You could instead use the many available learning resources (and templates) provided by Epic Games in the Unreal Engine 4. I.e. the templates. You could also give these tutorials a go:

They are intended to learn you the user interface, blueprint principles and a basic understand in general.