Project Stamina

Project: Stamina is now entering its 3rd year of development, and things are going stronger than ever.

We have done a complete overhaul of our systems to bring them up to cutting-edge GAS standards, and we have ironed out the most pernicious of server replication issues. While our features are still in their fledgling stages of development, the underlying foundations of our systems are highly sophisticated.

Our community has tripled in size over the past year, and as of posting we have exceeded 3000 discord. We have built partnerships with influencers on YouTube who aid us in creating content for our work. Thanks to community support via Patreon, we are completely covering all our development expenses, including legal fees and development tools. Additionally, we have a budget set aside for promotional materials, upcoming marketing campaigns, and professionally composed music for our alpha trailer debuting this summer.


Our alpha will launch with six playable characters, including one designed by our patreon community, and our focus during this next stage of development will be building out our new feature + balance pipeline in a live environment with regular playtests. If you are interested in participating, we plan to send invites to our alpha through our mailing list, which is on our website:

All our social links are available on our website, but if you want a one-click path to join our community and learn more about us, the best place to do it is on our discord, here:

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