Project specifically not working on my new phone


So I have been working on this third person mobile game for a while.
When i started working on the project, I could launch the game via my Samsung S3 phone.
Now i have recently got a new Samsung S7 and the project won’t launch on this device.

I have both phones so it does still work on my S3 but whenever i try to launch it on my new Samsung S7,
the “Your splash screen here” shows up and then it just exits the game.

I have enabled USB debugging and developer mode on the S7. I thought that it could have something to do with the drivers so i looked on
samsung’s website for drivers for the S7. I have the version that is called SM-930F and they had drivers for most devices but not for this one. So maybe it is not needed.

Does anybody have experience with this? Do you have to change any settings in your project whenever you connect a new android device or anything like that? I do of course select my new device from the arrow next to “launch”.

If the editor sees the device for launching on then the ADB driver is installed. From what you said about seeing the splash screen it sounds like it installed and ran, but hit an error during startup. You need to look at the logcat to see why it failed. Either run monitor, or type “adb logcat -s UE4 debug DEBUG” in a command window to see the log from the device filtered to the UE4 and system debug tags.

Hey, thank you for the suggestion. I was going to try this but it actually worked this time. I don’t know what i changed for it to work but it works on my new phone now. So that’s good news. But for some reason the lighting won’t work.
I have one 200meter indoor scene and i have tried putting all lights in there. Directional, spot, point and skylight. All set to static but whenever i build lighting and launch the game on my phone, everything is just dark as if i have no light in my scene.
I have a grenade in my game and i am able to use the grenade and see light from the explosion and that looks good. So it seems to be some specific problem with just the lights? Would you possibly have any experience with issues like this on android?
When i play in editor, the lighting is fine and it was also fine when i played on my previous phone.