Project Showcase

This is a thread I am starting to show off my game project in progress.
I’m not showing much currently but would like to show off a little of what I am working on.
I have been doing a lot of iterating and tweaking to try to create as immersive environment and gameplay as possible.
Currently I am able to maintain a constant 60 fps with every texture in the environment at a 4k resolution. While textures of this size
are not always necessary, I feel this creates a good benchmark for performance. My process is to push as far as I can graphically and
then dial back when needed. It is easier to know where to plan when you know where your limit is.

A main goal of mine is to maintain that constant 60 fps mentioned above. This isn’t intended as a latch on to the “60 fps” buzz word circulated
currently, but as a push for smooth gameplay control and interaction. What is contained within the project is the product of a few months of
part time work with my as the only developer. A lot of that time was spent working on player interaction and object blueprints. I have built my
object blueprints to be highly customizable to minimize the amount of blueprints needed to be created for a level. All environment sounds occur in
3d space utilizing unreal’s spatialization and attenuation.

Without further ado here are the first screenshots.