Project Setup Question

I have a new project in the planning phase, and I’m looking at 3 project setup. What I had envisioned was a single base project, that I could selectively export/package to feed in the other projects. The division of projects is largely to assist in easing the workflow conflicts.

Base → Client

Base → Server

Now I know that can use UnrealPak with a response file (perhaps generated at build time), but I was wondering if there was a method, other than directory organization for me to perform the export?

So I know I could do:



Is there a way for me to instead say “give me all the physics objects” (and maybe if i’m lucky the dependencies ;)?

The purpose being that I want to have a client pak(s), which will likely contain everything and a server pak(s) that will be drastically reduced (who needs textures/animations/etc on a server right?), but I want them to originate from the same project/assets.

Is this possible, and if so how?

I’m still investigating, so not tied to this project structure … if there is a better idea out there, I’m all ears!