Project Settings Not Exporting Correctly in Unreal Engine 5.4.1 Copyright notice does not Work/Update

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with project settings not exporting correctly in Unreal Engine 5.4.1.

Initial Experience:

  • I initially installed Unreal Engine 5.3 and successfully exported a project several times. The project settings, including the name, copyright notice, version, image, and icon, all exported correctly to the final .exe file.


  • After a certain number of exports (around 4-6), the project settings stopped working. None of the information from the project settings were included in the exported .exe.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • I waited for Unreal Engine updates and didn’t investigate further as the project wasn’t complete.
  • I’m now using Unreal Engine 5.4.1 and encountering the same issue.

Additional Efforts:

*Does’t matter how much times do i create new Project , when exporting just nothing exports from the ProjectSettings (And i mean new projects like just click on new project , open project settings and change them and directly export project in shipping method, and development)

  • I performed a complete clean install:
    • Deleted all Unreal Engine folders from C: and AppData.(And wathever folders showed up with the name Unreal Engine and Epic games)
    • Uninstalled Unreal Engine and deleted the main project folder.
    • Updated Visual Studio.
    • Uninstalled Epic Games Launcher.
  • I created a brand-new project from scratch:
    • The icon and name now export correctly to the .exe.
    • However, the copyright notice, version, and other settings still default.


  • Does anyone know where project settings are saved or where the editor retrieves them during export? This behavior seems very strange. Or doest this maybe save some sort of file on the RAM? Or does have something to do with visual studio?