Project Settings - Copy?

I tried to copy the project settings from one project - basically export as a text file.
Once done, I thought you can import or load the saved project settings for any other project.

Didn’t seem to work at all.
Does this not work or am I missing something here?

thanks a lot!

Well… you do know that the settings are basically/mostly all just INI files right?
Meaning if you look up which is which you can copy and paste the files to bring in the correct settings.
obviously do that with the editor closed. The new ini will load in when you launch - might cause shader recompile, etc.

yes, they are INI files. However, I thought it should be possible to save the INI files on any local hard drive. Once the file was saved - you should be able to load them into any other project file, right? At least, that’s what I thought. However, when I perform a simple save and after that I want to load the saved INI file into a new project - nope. That way doesn’t work.

for some it works, for other it does not. Input and Collision import / export fine for instance.