[Project] Sailing Sandbox

Hey there guys, ive recenetly started working on a small project i’ve been keen to make for years now.

sadly im not able to work on it every day and hour cause of work and other sh*t.
i will give it out for free when its will start to take shape so you should stay updated if youre interested

Older Media:


hope you would like what you see!

For more updates:
YT: Youtube
TW: https://twitter.com/ziv_iz3


a new video showing the basic steering wheel and the sail controlls (Very very early stage wnd will be improved).

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoVoRAJXIOg&ab_channel=MagnesiteStudios

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I’m interested in this.

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Renewed the ship buoyancy and stabilization
Youtube Video


Update video



Greetings @Ziv_Iz; Happy New Year, and thank you for continuing to share the progress of your creation with us here in the Unreal Engine Forums! The videos and screenshots of your sailing sandbox WIP look great! Have you thought about a name for your game yet? What kind of game-play mechanics are you hoping to implement?

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Happy new year @Zezkaii , thanks you for noticing my lil project!
I have not thought of a name yet, Focuses mainly on making the game Smooth for Coop play and replicating that physics living hell.

for the start, smooth sailing experience for up to 4 players (at least for now) sadly real life work is killing my free time but I’m doing my best, Thanks Again for coming over!

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The pleasure is all mine, and thank you. A smooth sailing experience for up to 4 players sounds fun to me! I know how challenging real-life circumstances can be; just know we’re rooting for you here! You got this, and I can’t wait to see further updates! :grin:

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@Ziv_Iz I just saw your project with your sailing boat. I also want to create a boat animation with realistic clothes materials reacting to the movement of the boat. Is it complex do build this? Can you recommend maybe any page where I can find some more info or tutorials about it?

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