Project Royalty rates

When i look at the job/skill offering pages, i always wonder what the royalty fee is when building a team for a project.
I have been working on a game project for a long time (C++) but it’s currently on hold because im not an artist, so to complete the game i would need to get a team for this.

It would also be nice if the forum contains some royalty team contract templates :wink:

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Freelancers, contractors, employees don’t need to worry about UE4 royalty rates. Those rates only apply when someone is buying a packaged game.

Or are you talking about hiring a artist/programmer for cheap/free and offering to pay them with royalties? If that is the case, professional freelancers generally hate anything to do with royalties.

Yes, it’s the second part i mean, about hiring.
Sometimes when u create a project and don’t have the budget for paying people to help u, i guess that the only option left

Well, if you are good at something, try making some professional grade tutorials on Udemy or Gumroad. It’s not likely that you will become a millionaire over night, but if the content is good you may be able to start making some side income to help pay for freelance work.

@ZacD is certainly right though. It doesn’t hurt to offer royalty based work to people, but most are going to stay away. If they aren’t getting paid, freelancers want to work on their own stuff. So I would strongly suggest tutorials, especially seeing as you aren’t artistically inclined, that makes the options of publishing 3D assets to an online marketplace less viable.

None of those projects that want to pay in royalties ever get released

you had a good point here, i have worked on a 5 royalty based projects, only one got released and the payment is terrible, not worth the invested time for the revenue i 'm getting from it.