Project Rigel - All in One Motion Capture Solution for Body, Fingers and Face

Project Rigel is an “All in One” Motion Capture Solution for body, fingers and face.

The system uses Vive Trackers for capturing the body movement, and fingers and face can be tracked using external hardware, such as Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves, Valve Knuckles, Face Cap, Faceware and so on, all of them already integrated into the setup.

As of now Project Rigel is in WIP, a demo will be available soon.

Additional informations can be found here:



Really cool. Even if not 100% ready to go as far as final animation goes, it will probably be cheaper then buying a smart suit pro.
They sure should feature this in the upcoming live stream…

The idea is to have optical tracking motion capture without spending a fortune, since optical tracking solutions usually cost way too much money, and at the end of the day you still need to do cleanup on the animation in order to be 100% complete.
The pricing for getting both the hardware and software will be around/a bit less the price of an IMU mocap suit ( max 2k ), but the possibility to have more precision during mocap recording is very usefull and saves ton of time.

My plan is to also keep adding features that usually are used by animators in various DCC ( Motion Builder is the king here ), but to have those in realtime, avoiding the time consuming part during animation cleanup.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll release additional videos, focused on VR, Job Training, Virtual YouTubers and in general how the entire setup can be used in various environments.