Project Resurgence | Isometric Episodic Narrative-driven cRPG

Project Title:
Project Resurgence


An episodic single-player cRPG inspired by the classics of the late ‘90s (Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Fallout, Arcanum).

Project Resurgence is a narrative-driven roleplaying game set in the land of Lumen, a gritty and volatile world rebuilding after a great disaster. In this mysterious environment, there are no right or wrong answers—simply actions and consequences. To discover the secrets of this world, you must first uncover your own veiled past, by any means you see fit. As you fight, sneak, and con your way toward the truth, one question constantly hangs: Will you bring order or let chaos reign? If you can navigate the myriad terrors both monstrous and human, then maybe—just maybe—history will remember your name.


  • Dark Fantasy Dieselpunk - Magic and technology coexist as limited grounded forces, affecting characters in realistic ways
  • Real-Time AND Turn-Based Combat - Action Point/Animation Time system keep both modes balanced, switch on the fly
  • Reactive Dialog and Story - NPCs and the plot react to player choices in short, medium, and long term ways
  • Non-Violent Objective Resolution - Use skills and wits to bypass danger or gain an advantage
  • Party-based Exploration - Directly control a party of up to 6 characters
  • Freeform Character Advancement - No classes allows for myriad playstyle options, no penalty for versatility
  • Episodic Delivery - World and story are divided up like seasons of a TV show, keeps scope in check, more ability to react to player feedback

Talent Required:
**We have created a working vertical slice prototype in Unity 4, but decided months ago that switching to Unreal is better for the project long term. Our programmers are experienced with C++, but not UE4, so we are looking for an experienced UE4 developer to bolster our efforts. We are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, so compensation must be royalty-based for now. Depending on the success of our campaign, there is opportunity for paid hourly/contract work after that. **

C++ Programmer (1)

  • Experience with C++ and UE4 toolset required
  • Experience with UE4 behavior trees (AI) a bonus
  • Expected to collaborate with other programmers to streamline and improve existing codebase
  • Expected to collaborate with designers to prototype gameplay features
  • Expected to write clean commented code that meets feature requirements

Team Name:**
Nectar Game Studios, LLC

Team Structure**:**
We currently have 30+ people contributing differing amounts of time, but here are some of the key team members:

Rob Buchheit (Project Creator)
Project Management, & Game Design - 2.5 years

Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell (Project Creator)
Game Design & Audience Building via Twitch - 2.5 years

Kelly Herreid
Writing, World Building, & Quest Design - 2 years

Seth Black
C++ Programmer - 2 years

Jon Marich
C++ Programmer - 1.5 years

Anthony Hurst
Blueprint Scripting & Game Design - 2 years

Nik Hagialas
Concept Artist - 2 years

Lynne Startup
3D Artist - 1.5 years

James Brisnehan
3D Artist - 1 year

Brian Choi
3D Character Artist - 1 year

Si Tran
Animator - 1.5 years

Max Alvarez
Level Designer - 1.5 years

JC Doublet
UI Artist - 1 year

Sean Boyle
Sound Design - 0.5 year

Previous Work:
This is our first project as a team, but here are some shipped titles team members have worked on:

  • Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2 - Chris Jones (Enviro Modeler)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Seth Black (Programmer)
  • Bioshock 2, The Bureau - CJ Green (Tech Artist)
  • XCOM 2, Tomb Raider (2012) - Si Tran (Animator)
  • The Order: 1886 - Mark Judkins (Rigger)
  • Bound By Flame - JC Doublet (UI Artist)

Nectar Game Studios

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

And here’s some media to illustrate what we’ve accomplished so far.

Shows Unity prototype gameplay, creators, art, and music

Quick summary of the history of our world


Looks like a great project, good luck to you and your team!

Thanks, much appreciated! You can sign up on our website if you’d like to be notified when crowdfunding launches :smiley:

I know Jon from my undergrad, awesome programmer, awesomer beard :smiley:

Thanks InFlames! You are correct on both counts :smiley:
We’ve had some growing pains adjusting from Unity to Unreal? Can we hit you up with some questions?

Absolutely :slight_smile:

Still looking for a C++ programmer. Bump!

Just updated the C++ programmer requirements.


Loving the mix of technology and magic; the world seems really fresh and fleshed out, which should make it a joy to explore! I also admire the flexibility you’re incorporating into the gameplay; my wife and I are big into role-playing, and don’t necessarily like strong-arming our way through every conflict, so the non-violent options are very welcome!

And, in case you’re in need of a composer, I’d like to offer up my services! I sent you an e-mail with a link to my portfolio.