PROJECT "REDSTAR"_APP_ #ifndef _Client-server model_H

Hello everybody!
My name is Fedor. More recently, I am developing a client-server extensions for Unreal Engine 4.
At this stage, I want to share the concept solutions.



  • Client sends a login request (IP address LOGIN APP).
  • LOGIN APP receives the request.
  • LOGIN APP forwards the request to DataBase APP.
  • DataBase APP check if login details are valid.
  • DataBase APP queries the Global DataBase (DB) regarding details.
  • If the data is correct (DB), DataBase APP allows access to the server.
  • The UDP port of the proxy is returned to the client via DataBase APP, LOGIN APP).
  • All communication from the client to the server is sent to the address of the client’s proxy that was sent to it during login.
  • DataBase APP communicates with a MySQL database, via the native MySQL interface. Protocol TCP.
  • SQL database schema is checked with the XML definition files
  • The client does not have direct access to the database. A connection with the server software module. (Public and private keys).
  • Server OS Debian, MySQL and RedStar-> :wink:

The software in the development of “RedStar”: PHP, C++, MySQL Connector, Python Tools Visual Studio 2013
To use the software, you do not need to change source code UE4.

Now we are working on the code …
Tips and notes are welcome!

#endif //Thanks!

There is an option of networking for small projects using: MySQL and PHP plugs -> (Authorization). In this embodiment, the server component Unreal Engine Server Build. But this is too much limits the ability and requires a huge amount of resources. ;(
For those who like to experiment, you can use the extension PHP Tools for Visual Studio($), MySQL Connector, (Visual Studio 2013)