Project Realism: Twilight Princess Texture Pack

So what is project realism? A texture pack for Twilight Princess made for an emulator, called dolphin, specifically for the ishiiruka build.

Why am I posting this here? I’ve seen many talented people here, who are also Nintendo fans, so I figured I would see if anyone would like to contribute.

Whats so great about this texture pack? Well, Ishiiruka, the version of dolphin we will be working with, supports many great features specifically for texture artists.

-Material Mapping
.Normal Mapping
.specular Mapping
.Displacement Mapping

as well as depth based post processing shaders in glsl format.

SSAO (Which also fills in displaced geometry)
Matsof DOF
Light Scattering.

Example of these effects in use, and please note that I am a noob at texturing, and all of this is proof of concept and can be replaced by anyone with better assets.

Why would I like to do this period? To show off how far emulation has come. Ishiiruka Dolphin has raised the standards for what emulators can be. No longer are they just tools to play your old games, they can now be engines to reimagine your favorite old games.

Why realism? Isn’t realism the standard example for showing off how the generations of video games progress?

-How can I help?
.Donating textures. (Cliff sides, rocks, grass, cloth, etc)
.Contributing more glsl shaders. (I would love to see more effects come! Maybe some god rays, HBAO+, ambient lighting, etc) If it can be programed in glsl, then I want it. :wink: *Note dolphin uses specific depth information that you will need to know in order to get these shaders to work.

Post Processing Shaders · Tinob/Ishiiruka Wiki · GitHub (More information on these shaders)

.Teaching more about textures. (Im still a noob as I said and I need all the advice and tips I can get)
.Making textures for the games as a team member/contact. (Permanent members who want to help retexture the entire game would be lovely, but I have no expectations for this. If you don’t want to make the commitment, donating textures and help coding shaders would be good enough.

The artstyle must me realism…
This is the only one. Anyone can join and help.

-How to share?-

Upload assets and send the Link to-
Join me on skype- Rizzo0095 (My profile picture is me chugging a mnt dew)
Here-This project is open for all, so It doesn’t matter who gets a hold of what.
-More to come-

I want everyone to know, if you help and you want credit, you shall get it! The point of recruiting people is to show off their work, not to use them, so please, tell me who to credit, and they/you shall get it.

-Tutorials- -How to dump/load textures- -How to make material maps

Download Links-
Dropbox - Latest - Simplify your life (Ishiiruka)
Dolphin Emulator - Download (regular dolphin for dumping textures)

If you have questions, advice, or want to sign up, or donate, feel free to leave me a response here.
Thank yall so much for reading. :slight_smile:

Also note that donated textures for the environment must be at least 2000x2000. Displacment seems to work best at higher resolutions.