Project randomly got deleted?

So I want to go take a break from the development of my map… closed out of the ark dev kit and so on I re-launch it a few hours later and it acts like I just freshly reinstalled the dev kit and then removed all my files and my work in the map but yet it has the folder it contains but when I go to my computer I can see the map but I can’t seem to open it in unreal engine aka Ark dev kit… can someone explain to me why the dev kit did this to revert everything and deleted all my stuff? I’m just really aggrevated that all my hard work got loss because of a reset of my files that i didn’t even do…

ps if i posted this in the wrong section sorry!

Did you try to use the Epic Launcher to verify your ADK installation?

Let me try the verify again. But yeah I did that. But I removed the map files from the folder just in case it deleted. One sec let me do it and ill edit the post to let you know the out come was.

Edit: yep the verify didn’t work. But could someone explain to me why ark dev kit deleted all my files when i 100% share you I didn’t do it!

While the solution still remains to be found, I’d also suggest a potential system restore to just before it was working if you happen to have setup System Restore points. The downside is that you may lose information, the upside is you don’t lose everything.

Kinda sad… I open ark dev kit again today… and my files got deleted again… can someone explain to me why unreal or ark dev kit is deleting my project… so now I have to push back my project again because it got deleted. How can I restore it because I see the umap is still saved in my files… but is not showing when I open the ark dev kit…