Project Question

I was curious on if I need to give my project I made in C++ to another member on my team, how would I go about giving the project to them?

Copy and paste? :wink:

You should look into version control systems, you won’t get around them when coding in a team. Git is the most common solution and works just fine. Sure there are alternatives. There is the family of Tortoise[Git/Hg/Svn] which is a frontend for Windows and makes the whole thing much easier, and Visual Studio 2013 even has version control stuff integrated.

As Daerst mentioned, you should use version control. Not only does it allow multiple people to work on the same project, it also provides you with the ability to roll-back changes you make to the source. In layman terms, if you accidentally delete/permanently modify a file, you can revert back to a previous file you’ve committed to the repository. GitHub would be my recommendation to you, as it has a friendly/intuitive interface for those who are new to version control. You can host as many public repos (accessible to anyone) as you like or make it private for $7.00 a month.

Just thought I would mention Bitbucket as free alternative (At least for a small group of developers) to Github’s private repos. It allows you to have a unlimited number of private repos with the restriction that it be only 5 user and under (Meaning only 5 people can have access to that private repo), if you need more then that the plans can get more expensive then Github in which case Github might be a better choice. Another added bonus for some is Bitbucket’s mercurial support.

Also while on the subject of Git and Bitbucket if you are just starting out with Git a good GUI tool which can simplify the learning process would be

Wish you the best of luck with your project.

Others worth mentioning are:

  • SVN
  • Mercurial
  • Perforce

Unreal Editor has bindings for Perforce and SVN.