Project PI - Looking for contributors

Introductory blah blah blah…

Lets cut to the chase

About: 6 months in development , Project PI aims to create a 3D, topdown, low-poly, comic-book style open world detective game, built in the unreal engine.

Setting: The game is set in an alternate history 1920’s with a mix of noir and retro-futurist vibe (think dieselpunk, but with electricity), in a crime-infested metropolis on the brink of crisis, where the protagonist is hired to solve a series mysteries, some of which are linked together to form an overarching plot. The details are yet to be worked out, hopefully by a skilled writer.

5 Artists, 1 Programmer, 1 Level Designer, 1 Sound designer, 2 Musicians


  • Plenty of props and architecture
  • Some characters
  • Player controls/Animations/Combat/Driving
  • NPC/Traffic AI
  • Experimental levels

**What we are looking for: **

  • Hard-boiled noir fiction rich in witty dialogue and plot twists.
  • Sound-design
  • VFX/Lighting specialist
  • Blueprints
  • Concept art

Closing remarks blah blah blah… If I forgot to cover something important, feel free to ask me on the thread.

**How to join/learn more:


please leave a message on #general if you are interested and I’ll contact you in 24 hours.


Could still use a couple more devs…

Have no expierence whatsoever, but am interested in investing time to learn to help actually develop a game. Gravitating towards programming but am willing to branch out to other essential parts of game design if need be.

Hey! I might be interested. I have worked with blueprints for about two years. I’m fairly good with most aspects of the Unreal Engine. I am under 18 so I’m not sure if there could be payment, but I might be willing to for for the experience. We would need to discuss work hours etc. If you are interested in contacting me you can do so at If you are interested I could send you the executable for my current project, it is a multiplayer combat/survival game. Somewhat similar to the Darwin Project.

Still could use some assistance…

Really could use someone who can do VFX and lighting

its seems you still looking for some help on sound design , what kind of jobs exatly …?

Footsteps, gunshots, environment sounds, UI sound, explosions, vehicle sounds, voice acting

ok thanks …
if you go for realistic foley ( sound like 1920’s ) i can’t match , sorry . i don’t have at this time any good record field / matérials to do all foleys on a game based in 1920’s.
on all your task , only can apply :

  • UI / Hud
  • explosions
  • some few environnment

may be in your case , you’ve all ready 1 sound design in your team , focus to find good quality record flied ( gun , vehicules …) : all raw wav. matérials need to design your foley sfx in game
best luck for your game , really like

Do check our recruitment channel, has some more info on the project.