Project Penumbra

This is one of the first games that I am working on. It will be a Sci-Fi, FPS, Horror, and Open World (possibly). This game plays off of psychological conditions along with not so real creatures to make a truly terrifying experience. Any form of assistance including suggestions or thoughts is welcome. I am seeking advice on this.

The main character has a semi-amnesia like condition because of exposure to an element and also has nyctophobia(real thing look it up)
causing hallucinations when in dark areas

I am seeking graphic and environmental designers mainly a few programers and maybe an animation specialist or two

Not to discourage you or anything, but an Open World game might not be the best choice for one of your first game projects. The bigger your scope, the less likely you’ll complete your game.

Also you’re calling for help from lots of people, but nobody will want to work with you, if you don’t show first what you’re capable of/what you already created. Why should they invest their time into a game, that you only describe with 4 sentences, no pictures and no mention what your experience in the field is. I also highly doubt that you’ll be able to pay the people who should work for you, so what incentive do they have?

Game ideas are almost worth nothing, it’s all about execution. Especially horror games are very hard to pull off convincingly, what experience do you bring to the table to create a game like this?
Again, I’m not trying to kill your motivation or anything, but try starting with something small, like a tetris clone, or a simple jump and run game and then go from there and build up your knowledge.

Best of Luck!

Have seen your videos and it looks pretty amazing. As I understood, you’re working on the project since 2014?
Also, I have seen it’s Greenlite-approved (which you have not mentioned here… not sure why)

If you’re interested, I’m a programmer (lot of experience in web development – mostly with Javascript – and very few in gamedev, only started here).

p.s. ohh sorry, I have mess it up with different project – Penkura. :smiley: