Project PEACEKEEPER - WIP thread;base64

Hey there!

My name is Felix van den Bergh. I’m creating/directing a short film in Unreal Engine 4, which I work on in my free time. I started somewhere in 2016 and have been flying under the radar ever since. Recently decided that I might as well post the WIP stuff while work on this project.
So… what’s Project PEACEKEEPER about?

In short, without going into any story details, the project mainly takes place on and around an orbital weapons platform. This weapon system drops heavy tungsten darts. The kinetic force released when these dart land on earth, with a speed of 11km/s, is equal to that of an small atomic bomb. Over the course of this short movie the spacestation/weapon platform gets blown up.

I’ll try and regularly update this post to make it reflect what I’m posting on my twitter.
Questions, feedback or critique more then welcome!;base64


Guess I’ll start at the beginning. 2016. Decided I was going to model a spacestation. Started with some simple NASA-looking paneling. Modeled in Maya, baked and textured in SD.

Here’s the high-poly:

Baked, testing the material ID mask with some flat textures and values. Also got he POM shader working in UE4.

My SD setup is one where you have a master .sbr, with sub-sbr’s in it (in the centre) that get blended with eachother based on material-ID mask (bottom left). This way I can quickly add or remove certain types of material (plastic, titanium, etc) based on what the material needs.

Testing the aluminium material.

Hey! I wanted to start posting stuff from the beginning of my project but failed to mention the skybox in the background of all of my screenshots. It’s the first thing I made for this project.

It’s half a sphere (for the stars) and a plane (for the earth) and a small poly for the sun.
The sun has a lensflare placed over it. There’s also a strip of additive haze or atmosphere blending the earth shader and the black together.
I should also note that nothing is actually being lit, all shadows and highlights are done in the shader.

More 2016 work. This is the modeled texture atlas from the previous post, ingame.

The “Orbital Close-In Weapon System”. Started modeling this before I started building the spacestation. I was figuring out my prop/asset pipeline. It’s a gun on a space arm to counter incoming missiles.

(I have no idea why the cam is slightly tilted, lol)

My OCIWS textured and ingame! The idea is it would act similar to a phalanx CIWS. A CIWS tracks and destroys incoming mortars. The one for the spacestation would do the same for incoming anti-satellite missiles.

Well, … detail at least. These are the highpoly models of construction elements that will help make the spacestation sillhoute look more detailed.

More Greeble! :slight_smile:
Now textured and ingame. I was quite pleased with how it worked with the POM shader. Adding some random valves and putting the hand-rails made it instantly feel ISS-esque imo.

More for my spacestation: a detail texture sheet!

  • Random pieces of spacestation surface detail that look somewhat functional.
  • A wip close up of detail.
  • Defining materials using vertex colors.
  • Result.

Some old 2017 WIP shots testing the materials.

What work-in-progress stuff are you most interested in seeing? Shader setups? Modeling and texturing stuff? More of the skybox? Concept-art?

More work-in-progress stuff. The space stations solar array!
I was going to go with a nucleur powered spacestation but prefered the look of the giant solar panels.
Made in Substance Designer.

A more recent screenshot of a module on the space-station for Project: PEACEKEEPER.

This is the “Optical Target Acquisition Array”, used for finding targets to drop some tungsten on! :slight_smile:

Sketches of the astronaut suit and a rifle for in space. The rifle was really fun to design.
Went with a disposable heat-sync/barrel for overheating problems, and big triggers for astronaut gloves.

Love watching the progress on this!

Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing this!

Thanks Shuffletohustle! :slight_smile:

Concept for the crew-return-vehicle.
Old-school spaceshuttle cockpit, size (maybe a bit bigger)- and shape of the X38, and some tail fins!

Tried making it retro, current-day, and scifi all in one.

Interior/cockpit concept art of the crew-return-vehicle.

Here’s a render of the assault rifle.
Big triggers for clunky astronaut gloves, and a replaceable heat-sync barrel for overheating problems in the vacuum of space.

Texturing the gun, and so far only in Substance Designer.
Still needs decals and proper shading.