Project "Our Heritage"

his environment is the first part of a project called “Our Heritage”. Me and my colleague, Aidin Salsabili, worked on this project from scratch, cooperatively. The story is about human being living in a future world that remains of our heritage. I’m using UE4 4.16 with juicy #VolumeLights. #UE4 #EpicFriday

For more screenshots check here :

I will update this post with more screenshots and breakdowns soon.

Foliage I made for project “Our Heritage”
More screenshots here:

Looks really good! :smiley:

A M A Z I N G!
Well done! Looking forward for the breakdown.

Thank you, guys. After working so hard on this project means a lot hearing from you :smiley:

6 Tips to create realistic foliage

All looks pro.

More props:

Creature for our project “Our Heritage”
Art by my colleague Aidin Salsabili

more shots here:

Prop set
more shots here:

My article on 80 Level, Lots of tips, Breakdowns and technical stuff

The research room is where Adrian(Our main character) works.

More screenshots here:

This is amazing! Is this going to be a short film or a game?

Thank you Chroman. We have plans to create some videos and of course the outside world too!