Project opens for one user but not others, on the same PC

Same project, same corporate PC, but different Windows users. For one user, the project opens just fine, but for all other users on the very same PC, the project halts at 45% when we try to open it.
Unreal Engine 4.26.2 is installed and works fine on all users when we create test projects. The project is built in 4.26.2.
So, what is special about this project? Well, as far as I can judge only three things:
It uses Steam VR.
It uses the plugin TCP Socket.
It uses the plugin Easy File dialog.

The PC is very powerful and was dedicated to running this very project. On the user where it works, it always has opened very rapidly, no lengthy shader building.

Did anyone experience the same phenomenon and how to solve it?

Getting stuck at 45% is usually Unreal recompiling its shaders. If you’ve never opened the project in any of the other user accounts using the same Unreal version before, then it’s most likely something that you have to wait out for the first time.

I’ve run into a few instances where it made me wait for a few hours and you can see several other cases here on the forums and Reddit about people having to wait for several hours before being able to open their projects. Good news is it doesn’t start over every time. So it’ll continue from where it left off last time you stopped the loading process.

Thanks, but it was opened before on the same PC and worked fine, and that time it compiled really quickly. But trying to open it with other user accounts, in the same PC after that, fails/freezes.
So, this is not a case of the normal 39%/45% shader compiling pause. It never opens on some accounts but opens fine on one account.
And, we actually had it on 45% all this weekend, just to make sure, but to no avail. It’s been on 45% since Friday and still is. And this is a tiny, tiny project on a really powerful PC.

And again - with the user that it works on, it opened really quickly the first time.

Well in that case it might have bugged out. There are cases where people have reported getting it to work after deleting the config folder (after backup) or UE DerivedDataCache or just turning off AV/Firewall/Onedrive (if it’s syncing the project folder).

Thanks again, but the project works just fine on one user. I have the original project in a ZIP file and can unzip it at any time.
Just tested again on the user account where it works, unzipped the original, ran it and it took 45 seconds to open. No problems at all.
Then I switched the user account, unzipped it to another folder ran it. Stuck at 39%.

And deleting any or all of the folders Config, DerivedDataCache, Intermediate and/or Saved makes no difference.

The same versions of everything are installed on both user accounts.