Project not working in launcher

Something strange is going with a Launcher. Here is an example project. Example project

When I run it with play in Editor it works ok. Locations are switched on timer.
When I run it with a Launcher button right from Play button, it does not work - levels are not switched. And errors are generated to console.
If I open a Project Launcher and launch project from there, it works ok. But in more complex project I also had some problems with loading levels.

Hello Yata,

This is expected behavior. The reason behind this is that the Launch option only cooks the level that you are currently in, which is the reasoning behind your travel failure. If you notice, playing in standalone works just as it does in PIE. If you package out the project as well, it should function like you want it to, as packaging the game will cook all of the levels in the project.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this issue.

Have a great day