project not reflecting changes made in c++

I’ve been working on a project for some time now and successfully upgraded from 4.11 to 4.12 and I’ve had no issue creating new c++ files and functions in 4.12.

Two days ago I started working on a new feature and was feeling as though I was having a tremendous challenge with simple commands, however this morning I discovered that the project wasn’t actually using the new code anymore. I normally use Development Editor for rapid prototyping but switched to DebugGameEditor to troubleshoot what is happening but even the editor that is launched through debugging in VS 2015 doesn’t use the code that launched it. To verify what is happening, I first attempted UE_LOG messages then started commenting out large important sections in my c++ code that would make my build completely featureless and when I compile in the editor and play, it still runs off the same features that were in place a few days ago.

This is either a very complex issue or I have severely overlooked something trivial… If I purposely put in bad c++ code, the editor will throw compile errors as expected so I know its physically looking at the files I’m modifying, but once it compiles, it uses some older build from earlier this week.

When I build in DebugGame_Editor I receive the message “This project is out of date: Project1 - DebugGame_Editor x64 Would you like to build it” which happens every time.
Once in the editor, my breakpoints are ‘hollowed out’ with the tooltip text “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. The source code is different from the original version”.
I correctly have my game project as the startup and I’ve already attempted cleaning/re-building and deleting the files in the “Project/binaries/win64” folder.

I’ve also attempted copying the entire project and restarting my computer so its unlikely that some files are being locked due to some obscure file-in-use thing.

Anyone have insight to this? I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for the last two days and I don’t know where else to go now.

Sounds weird, could you possibly have a different target path set up in the Debugging section of your project properties? What happens if you just switch back to Development_Editor?

I’d definitely try regenerating the VS project files (by right clicking the .uproject file in Windows explorer) if you haven’t already.

I have issues with this sometimes if I cancel the build process early. Check task manager and kill any instances of UnrealBuildTool.exe, that’s often what causes that for me.

Ive attempted clearing out the intermediate folder as well generating vs files. Both Development_Editor and debuggame_editor behave this way. Could you explain more what you mean by different target path?

The computer has been rebooted several times, there is no lingering unrealbuildtools.

This issue is project specific if that helps ( my 4.11 copy is not experiencing this)

I think by Target path Kamrann means this. Right Click the project in your solution file (in my case BZGame) - and hit ‘Properties’


The bit in bold is the important part. If you switch the ‘Configuration’ drop-down to ‘DebugGame_Editor’ - then it’ll also have " -debug" on the end too.

Right, but if you’ve regenerated VS files then this can’t be the issue, since that should reset the settings to what they should be.

Don’t suppose you code is in a plugin is it? I can’t really think what else could be causing this.

I was hoping it was something else as I had already checked there, my project reflects the image you’ve shown.

This is a full project, not a plug-in. This isn’t a new project either, and the issue didn’t manifest from the upgrade process from 4.11 to 4.12, but it might have started the same day I upgraded my engine from 4.12.1 to 4.12.2.

Just met this bug yesterday, I use almost on day to get it, replied here, hope can help someone, with my project, after c++ complier, it still debug the message that I already canceled.
For this one, what I did is: after complier c++, close VS and project, use .uproject generate VS files, use the new c++ file complie again, then open the project, launch it, it will get the new changes.