Project Not Packaging with eXI's Sound Visualization Plugin

I tried packaging my project today after switching from Epic’s internal audio visualization plugin to the one eXI made.
I got my project to package just fine with the old plugin in place, but after switching to the new one, it won’t package anymore.
I’ve attached the log file. [Log][1]

90585-2016_05_14-buildlog.txt (17.9 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hey MediaRübe,

If you’re having trouble with a third-party plugin, you’ll need to contact the creator of the plugin to receive assistance if it’s causing build errors. If you end up having trouble with plugins we have by default added into the engine, then we will be able to help further with trying to figure out what’s going wrong.


Hi ,

thanks for your answer. I solved the problem yesterday, but haven’t had the time to write it here. It was not due to eXi’s plugin but to the old Epic Sound Visualization plugin which I unchecked in the editor, but had still a blueprint using the nodes. Even though the nodes weren’t connected to anything and the blueprint was in no level, it didn’t package. I deleted the actor from the project and it packaged just fine. :slight_smile:
So if anyone else took the same road as me, maybe you have a similar problem, you can solve that easily.
Now I just have the problem, that the packaged build crashes after 10-20 seconds, when I play a song (which is using the eXi Sound Vis plugin). I already wrote that in the plugin thread in the forum but so far, no answers. :frowning:

Thank you for explaining what you found out about the troubles within your project. If you come across any other errors, please submit a new thread to AnswerHub.

Have a great day!