Project no longer compiles after updating to Unreal 5

I have been working in a project under the Unreal 5.0EA (early access) platform and with the release of Unreal 5.0.1 I decided to update the project. When I try and run the project I get the following message.

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:
Would you like to rebuild them now?

I select “yes” and then recieve the error message:

YourMap could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

I did a search around and found a lot of people saying to just build the project from Visual Studio. My project contains no SLN files for doing that, it was defined to use Blueprints and not C++ (not sure if that makes a difference). I really don’t want to lose this project as a little more work went into it than was originally intended and I really would like to retain those house.

So, can anyone help me understand how I rebuild this particular project from source, what are the additional steps that need to happen to make this open in Visual Studio and or, is there any quick directory deleting I can try that perhaps house bad data that the engine may rebuild?

Thanking you in advance.

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It sounds like it’s Plugins that need to be compiled. Check your “Project/Plugins” folder - any plugins in there should be updated to 5.01 builds.

Try to open the .uproject file with a IDE and delete all the plugins you mentioned and see if it boots.


It’s a strange thing, when I open my .uproject it has very little information.
Here is the content:

	"FileVersion": 3,
	"EngineAssociation": "5.0",
	"Category": "",
	"Description": "",
	"Plugins": [
			"Name": "Water",
			"Enabled": true

There is no mention of any further plugins. That makes sense as I didn’t have much installed. That said, when I go into the plugins directory I can clearly see (but never used):


I actually do not need these plugins but there there from a previous discovery session testing some sketchfab assets.

Is there anything else I may be able to do?

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Rename the plugins folder and try to boot


Perfect, this has solved the problem. Thanks!

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