Project Nile: 3ds Max to Unreal at SIGGRAPH

As I mentioned elsewhere, you wouldn’t have too long to wait for more news. We will be unveiling one component of Project Nile at SIGGRAPH, 3ds Max to Unreal workflow. We’ll be showing how it works for Architecture and Design assets. Basically, entire scenes using V-Ray, Corona, mental ray are converted with support for instancing, cameras, lights.

We’ll also launch a registration site for beta access. I’ll post that link when it goes live.

More information will be released at SIGGRAPH, not before.

Register for SIGGRAPH

Surprising that it can convert materials from other renderers, I was just thinking it would be a one click solution for the current workflow but that sounds much better!

Alpha users are telling us that its making them about 70% more productive, and that is with an alpha version…

Really looking forward to getting my hands on this at some stage. Our bean counters at work are actively deterring us from using UE4 now due to the cost of the workflow on the bottom line. I’m really not keen to go back to offline rendering…!

Is there any relase date ?

This looks very exciting. Cant wait.

Like I said, there will be a beta registration page that goes live on July 31st. We will also post a blog I’m working on with details and images. The user group will be recorded and reposted, so you’ll see some of the project in use.

Does this fix horrendous architect-made 3d models? Because that would be a cool feature.

Yes, it has that feature. It’s the “ban Sketchup data” feature…

Register for the Unreal Datasmith beta here.

Got a question does datasmith support blender? Is blender support planned?

Just curious.

We built an API to get data into Unreal. We’re happy to support anyone that wants to use this API with Blender. It took a week or two to get CityEngine exporting data into UE, so I imagine something similar for Blender.

Registered as George R - fingers crossed.


Will we see quility difference? In both converted by data smith scene and imported normally fbx scene(as regular workflow without datasmith) ?

Night and day difference. There is almost no comparison. Datasmith converts all the cameras, lights, materials, instances, pivots, etc. etc. Support for Vray, Corona, etc. If your only goal is to import a mesh with limited materials then use FBX.

Will Data Smith allow importing Revit models into UE4?

We hope to support Revit files. However, not in V1. We’re researching our options right now. We recommend looking at Twinmotion 2018 as it has a live link to Revit and we’re working with them to get their UE4 integration to produce UE4 assets.